Turn your archive into a program builder.


shutterstock_70310029Illuminate® turns your entire PACS archive into an easy-to-access teaching and research file. Our powerful medical data aggregation and search technologies allow your entire university radiology staff to get actionable information to further their mission of preparing better radiologists. Here are a couple of examples of how Illuminate is being used in top academic hospitals nationally:



  • Faculty can build teaching sets and case series of comparable exams in minutes, not months. Residents automatically see a patient’s relevant clinical history – notes, radiology, pathology and lab – to help make their diagnosis.
  • Residents easily collaborate on interesting cases and increase their understanding.
  • Faculty and residents easily locate research studies for increased scholarly activity – papers and conference presentations – to build your program’s quality and reputation.
  • Researchers instantly access any group of studies related to a specific area of interest and immediately receive real-time notifications when another patient meets a criteria of interest.
“Now that we can find information so quickly, we have almost doubled the number of scholarly submissions to meetings and journals.”

Mark McKinney, MD, PhD
Chairman, Interventional Radiologist
Associate Professor, Department of Radiology
University of Tennessee Medical Center