It’s like hiring a team of admin assistants


Illuminate® unearths and deciphers the information you need, when you need it, to help you document and improve your clinical outcomes and business practices. Illuminate’s suite of data aggregation and medical search applications breaks down the information silos at your hospital and delivers you the actionable information you need to:

Improve workflowInsight Search and Alerts make gathering the information required by regulatory agencies for compliance documentation quick and easy.

Improve patient care and safetyInsight Alerts inform you of imaging quality issues to lower rescans and improve patient safety.

Cut costsAnalytics helps you track staff and facility productivity to improve efficiency and make well-informed capital and staffing allocation decisions.

Mitigate riskActKnowledge helps you track critical communication with referring physicians and evaluate the outcomes of new quality initiatives.

“Illuminate® gives us instant access to a decade worth of radiology studies that we are able to access, analyze and put to use to improve patient care.”

Judy Yee, MD, PhD
Professor and Vice-Chair of Radiology, University of California, San Francisco Medical Center
Chief of Radiology, San Francisco VA Medical Center