Putting hidden data under the microscope


Illuminate® uncovers data once hidden in your RIS and EMR system and automatically delivers it to you every time you look at a new specimen. Illuminate’s suite of data aggregation and medical search applications provide instant access to the usable patient and practice information pathologists need to:

Improve workflow – Through Illuminate® PatientView, each patient’s information is proactively indexed as it flows to the EMR system. As soon as you open a new study, PatientView instantly loads your patient’s clinical notes, radiology reports and images, and pathology and laboratory results automatically. No EMR log-in needed.

Improve patient care PatientView gives a full patient picture to help you make a confident, detailed diagnosis and cut down on additional testing.

Improve patient safetyInSight alerts make it easy to monitor patient follow-up to keep referring physicians informed.

Cut costs and mitigate risks – A lower number of diagnostic errors and repeat procedures decreases costs and lowers the risks of legal action.

Improve communications – Referring physicians will welcome more complete diagnostic information in your reports.

Improve as a clinician – Easier correlation between radiology and pathology findings will improve your understanding.

“I’m not wasting time chasing patient information. Now it’s right at my fingertips.”

Ossama Tawfik, MD, PhD
Director of Anatomic and Surgical Pathology
University of Kansas Medical Center