Improve Your Practice with Factual Data

Analytics™ Establishes Performance Metrics

Illuminate® Analytics is a fact-based support system that allows you to produce comprehensive data reports, identify trends, find opportunities and expose potential business practice issues. Analytics applies innovative data-cube technology to the information available through the Illuminate® Insight search engine to deliver easy-to-use performance metrics

Actionable Information Retrieved in Seconds

Illuminate Analytics delivers information in intuitive, easy-to-navigate and filter graphical formats. You can instantly see the number and type of exams performed on individual patients, volumes and turnaround times for each radiologist, modality and scanner usage, technologist productivity and more.

Informed Decisions Lead to Better Healthcare

Here are a few examples of how Analytics performance metrics are helping hospitals improve business practices and patient care:

  • Specific modality volumes are tracked over varying time frames with adjustments in staffing and other resource scheduling made to fit the demand.
  • Exam volumes and turnaround times are tracked by radiologist to performance goals.
  • Volumes are sorted by radiologist and body part to ensure radiologists are reading enough exams to maintain subspecialty certifications.
  • Turnaround times are tracked by modality and/or body part to identify outliers, pinpoint problems and address patient relations.
  • Exams are sorted by patient and time periods to determine if dosage or redundancy issues exist.