Instant Access to Actionable Data

InSight™ Brings Your EMR Data to Life

Illuminate’s vendor-neutral, Google-like search technology provides your entire radiology team instant access to any report in your hospital’s radiology, pathology and lab archive. The result is providers, administrators and researchers can now break through information silos to utilize the exact information they need to improve workflow, increase patient outreach, improve safety and reduce costs.

InSight Search Delivers Relevant Results. Fast.

Our patented data-ranking algorithm engineered to deliver the most relevant, positive results from hundreds of millions of records, typically in less than a second.

Fine-tune Further with InSight Advanced Search

Easily set complex search parameters designed specifically for medical information. For example, search for a particular age group, disease, date range, ordering or dictating physician, location, modality or specific scanner.

“For one project, we had to search through 10 years of data to find about 12 cases. Manually, that search would have taken days. With Illuminate®, it was a matter of seconds.”

Louis Wetzel, MD
Professor of Radiology and Anatomy
Vice Chair, Department of Radiology
University of Kansas Medical Center

InSight Alerts Sends New Info To You

Receive patient follow-up, test results, quality issues and conformity with protocols based on pre-set alerts.  Clinicians can close the loop on pathology results and imaging follow-up, and administrators can gather information required for quality compliance and other certifications.

Build Your Own Library with InSight Bookmarks

Turn your entire PACS archive into an easy-to-access, secure teaching and research resource. Organize a library of specific findings, then save your files for personal use or categorize and annotate them for all users.