Relevant Information at the Point of Read

PatientView™ Delivers the Info You Need

Illuminate PatientView is constantly working in the background, indexing each patient’s information as it flows to the EMR. When you meet a new patient, the same click to open the study triggers PatientView’s interface to load the relevant clinical documentation. You can see your patient’s clinical summaries, surgical reports, lab tests, prior imaging reports and related pathology diagnoses. Immediately.

No Need to Log into Your EMR

No more wasting valuable time logging into your EMR system and exploring dead-end tabs and medicine refill notifications. Radiologists and pathologists can now interpret results in real-time armed with the critical information behind the image or specimen.

Get the Full Patient Story

Just hover over the note or report you want and read it in the viewer. Immediately you’ll have access to your patient’s smoking history, problem list, medications, allergies, vital signs and more – allowing you to streamline your workflow, make fast and accurate diagnoses, lower the need for additional testing, and provide valuable direction for patient care.

“With Illuminate®, I get a picture of the patient without having to log into the EMR or other system.”

Safwan Halabi, MD
Senior Staff Radiologist
Director of Imaging Informatics
Henry Ford Health System, Detroit MI

Pinpoint the Exact Information You Need

PatientView gives you two ways to filter documents. Manual filtering lets you narrow the results on the fly by word search (“Cancer”) or a host of categories. Or use preset filters to configure and display only certain notes, radiology reports, and pathology and lab results when you open a new patient. The choice is yours.

Link Seamlessly to Other Illuminate Applications

PatientView works directly with Illuminate® Insight and ActKnowledge to streamline your workflow and improve patient care. Free-text search to quickly compare with a prior patient description. Set Alerts to be notified of pathology results. Begin monitoring a patient with a non-routine finding or chronic disease. It’s all a click away with Illuminate!