Unleash the Power of Actionable Data

Illuminate® solutions for better patient-centered care

Illuminate® applications give you quick, targeted access to the information stored in your EMR systems to help you improve patient care and business practices. Illuminate is built to scale to the high volume of information stored across your enterprise so you can quickly retrieve the clinical and departmental documentation you need.


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Easily Monitor At-risk Patient Populations

Illuminate ActKnowledge lets you set up work queues on particular patient populations to ensure they are receiving treatment and to track their progress.

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Performance Analytics to Improve Your Practice

Illuminate Analytics is built on a multidimensional platform so you can easily view and drill into your radiology department’s performance metrics to improve efficiencies.

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"With Illuminate®, I get a picture of the patient without having to log into the EMR or other system."

Safwan Halabi, MD
Senior Staff Radiologist
Director of Imaging Informatics
Henry Ford Health System, Detroit MI

Know Your Patient at the Point of Read

Illuminate PatientView automatically retrieves and displays all of a patient’s relevant clinical history, including clinical notes, at the point of read to improve your decision making and help you deliver actionable reports.

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Real-time Information at Your Fingertips

The intuitive search engine at the core of Illuminate InSight delivers instant access to any report in the hospital’s radiology, pathology or lab archive to use for clinical analytics, chronic disease tracking, research and education.

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