Our Passion is Actionable Information

We Put EMR Data to Work

Illuminate® was created by software engineers with a single purpose in mind: help radiology practices unlock the patient record stored across multiple EMR systems to instantly deliver actionable intelligence at the point of read. Today, Illuminate applications lead the way in helping radiologists, pathologists, hospital administrators and academia improve patient care and business practices. We put EMR data to work.

Meeting the Demands of Patient-centered Care

Illuminate applications help radiologist practices transition from a fee-for-service model to an outcomes-based solution by proactively involving you as an active member of the patient engagement team.

Our Only Business is Helping Yours

Illuminate is comprised of a team of full-time software engineers, implementers and client support professionals fully dedicated to serving the specific needs of radiology practices.

The Value of EMR-neutral Search

At the core of the Illuminate application set is InSight which is a vendor-neutral, Google-like search technology that breaks through the information silos across multiple hospital data systems to give you a complete picture – both current and historical – of your patients and practice.

Putting EMR Data to Work for You.

Whether you’re diagnosing a disease, filling out compliance audits, assessing your department’s quality, or identifying chronic disease populations in need of monitoring, Illuminate lets you leverage the history stored in your EMR to deliver the high level of patient care required to succeed in today’s healthcare landscape.

“For one project, we had to search through 10 years of data to find about 12 cases. Manually, that search would have taken days. With Illuminate®, it was a matter of seconds.”

Louis Wetzel, MD
Professor of Radiology and Anatomy
Vice Chair, Department of Radiology
University of Kansas Medical Center